• Python / Django / Flask
  • ReactJS / GatsbyJS
  • Material-UI / Bootstrap / Bulma / Plotly
  • PostgreSQL / MariaDB / MongoDB
  • AWS / Firebase
  • PyTest / Unittest / Travis CI / Jenkins
  • Version Control ( GIT )
  • Responsive Layout and Design


  • Java / C
  • Redux / React Native
  • WebSocket / Protobuf
  • Tor
  • Selenium
  • BeautifulSoup4 / LXML

Work Experience

Backend Software Engineer Intern

InnoSenze Pte. Ltd.  |  Singapore  |  06/2018 - 11/2018

Implemented an ETL system to extract patents for data pre-processing pipeline:
  • Structured, cleaned and performed analyses on GBs of USPTO and WIPO raw datasets, on AWS EC2, using LXML and BeautifulSoup.
  • Refactored XML parsers to reduce the memory usage for each dataset by 98%, from 1.8GB+ to 30MB.
  • Implemented a web crawler, using headless Chrome with Selenium, BeautifulSoup4 and routing over Tor to avoid request rate limiting.

Backend Software Engineer Intern

PayPal  |  Singapore  |  12/2017 - 05/2018

  • Set up data dashboards for monitoring and analyzing Jenkins test builds, using Dashing.
  • Built a web application to convert encoded test logs in Base64 to JSON, for identifying test errors in sandboxes, using Plotly.
  • Built a web application to visualize error rates in sandboxes for developers to identify error trends, using ReactJS and Flask.

Software Engineer Intern

Beureka  |  Singapore  |  05/2017 - 07/2017

  • Developed an Inventory Management System for monitoring and maintenance of customer orders and stocked products.
  • Developed a back-end system integrating with AWS RDS and Lambda to fetch customer orders and products’ details from Lazada and Qoo10.
  • Implemented an algorithm matching over 20000 customers for a point system with 70% accuracy, using Record Linkage.

System Engineer Intern

FutureRemedy Labs Pte. Ltd.  |  Singapore  |  12/2016 - 05/2017

  • Refactored, optimized and added error handling for the water monitoring script, increasing the stability by more than 80%.
  • Built a Flask application providing visual data records for remotely monitoring water quality and pumps control.
  • Implemented a Master/Slave communication through Socket between multiple Raspberry Pis, for pump control automation.


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Computer Engineering

National University of Singapore (NUS)  |  Singapore  |  07/2016 - Present

High School Graduation

Tran Dai Nghia - High School for the Gifted  |  Vietnam  |  08/2009 - 05/2016